Welcome to CEO Group (总裁策略联盟)

Our Vision & Mission

CEO Group comprises of thousands of business executives and community leaders. Our mission is to assist and propel entrepreneurs to the international markets and our vision is to build the group’s network into Asia’s largest alliance group.

【总裁策略联盟】是由CEO Group 会员组成的集团公司。我们的计划是:全方位的高端资源整合,合作共赢,打造全方位、多元化的国际生态圈,打造企业品牌,提升企业绩效,体现民族和谐的社会关系,实现企业家的社会价值。)


CEO Group Background

CEO group counts executives of listed companies, SME owners and community leaders as their members. From its inception, the group has hosted and participated in various meaningful social activities, to benefit the greater good of the local Singapore community.

目前CEO GROUP有几千名企业总裁与社团领袖。是一群活跃在新加坡本地的总裁们组成的,其成 员有上市公司的总裁,中小企业的老板和社团领袖。从成立以来,主办和参与了多种有意义的社会活动。

如需更多信息,请联系我们办公室号码:97494113/ 97494133,谢谢!

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